For us at “Polkatta,” we are all about blending in with the nature and we believe in living consciously. Hence the reason for us to buy directly from the local artisan families living in poor communities. We are closely involved in coconut shell selection, processing and the quality control aspect of the procedure, as we want to make sure that the “Best” is delivered to our end customer.


Since we are 100% involved and closely engaged with the artisans, we promote fair trade. We eliminate the middleman, store front costs and other charges applicable to the end consumer as we buy direct from the makers and sell these beautiful items online. All of our hired artisans are fairly compensated which means that they can continue and earn from their chosen livelihood while providing for their families. By making products to “Polkatta,” they are able to send their children & grandchildren to the local school and support their education. This is only one aspect of how we continue to keep the smile within the selected artisan community.


When you buy from us, you are helping a family that lives may be far away from you smile and be hopeful.