The reason to start “Polkatta.com” is not merely based on a business purpose. It is the combination of; an entrepreneurship idea, love for the rustic handmade art, and the deep connection towards the environment.

We do realize that the potential of this environmentally friendly small idea would go a long way from helping poverty stricken families (throughout Sri Lanka)  at community level as well as to saving the world by saying “NO!” to plastic.

As many of you earthlings are aware, plastic is a major contributor in both land and marine pollution. It is estimated that by the year 2050, plastic waste will outnumber the fish in our oceans! Our 100% natural handmade coconut shell products are a great solution for plastic waste. We collect natural coconut shells (Which is mostly discard as a waste) add bit of  love and craftmanship to create magical , reusable and sustainable coconut shell products because we believe saving the enjoinment start within each of us.

So, we at “Polkatta,” (literally meaning coconut shell in Sinhala language) have come up with a great solution for all those single-use plastic utensils and what not. It is our way of saying, “Thank you and Love you!” to our mother nature. We believe, that “One Polkatta at a time!” will go a long way in changing habits and life styles. Join our #polkattamovement today and become a smart consumer!